Canadian Composite Structures, Inc.

Canadian Composite Structures, Inc. is a global manufacturer, designer and fabricator or high quality Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic (FRP) structural products and systems, providing one of the Industry's broadest product and service offerings.

From molded and pultruded fiberglass gratings to complete structural design and fabrication, Canadian Composite Structure's business has been built through providing its customers with unmatched product quality, rapid deliveries and customer service that is second to none.

Canadian Composite Structures manufactures and distributes molded fiberglass (FRP) grating and pultruded fiberglass (FRP) grating. Canadian Composite Structures provides full engineering and fabrication capabilities, Fiberglass (FRP) handrails and stairtreads also available.

Questions and comments:

For questions and comments regarding Canadian Composite Structures products, or to request a quote, please contact Canadian Composite Structures at 1-519-488-1402, or email at

Molded Fiberglass (FRP) Grating Pultruded Fiberglass (FRP) Grating U.S. Coast Guard Applications