Embedment Angle

Canadian Composite Structures offers Vinyl Ester FRP embedment (curb) angles. These angels are pultruded with a continuous anchor suitable for casting into concrete. Vinyl Ester angles are highly corrosion resistant and an excellent alternative to casting metallic supports in place. Easily cut to length and installed, these FRP angles are supplied in 20’ lengths. The angles provide a strong and chemically resistant flat surface to secure fiberglass grating.


Angle Size (D x L x ¼ ") Resin Color Weight Length
1 ½ " x 1 ½ " x ¼" Vinyl Ester Fire Retardant Dark Gray 1.10 lbs/ft 20'
2" x 1 ½" x ¼" Vinyl Ester Fire Retardant Dark Gray 1.20 lbs/ft 20'
3" x 2 " x ¼ " Vinyl Ester Fire Retardant Dark Gray 1.35 lbs/ft 20'

Installation Guide

  1. Attach nailer to your trench formwork where embedment angle is to be positioned.
  2. Attach embedment angle to nailer with flat head or finishing nails.
  3. Pour concrete, vibrate as required, let cure.
  4. Remove trench formwork and nailer. Grind off nail at face of embedment angle and seal with resin.

Embedment Angle with Trench Formwork

Embedment Angle with Finished Installation