Fiberglass Reinforced Plastics (FRP) Fabrication


Part 1 General


A. Drawings and general provisions of Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and Division 1 Specification Sections, apply to this section.

B. The FRP Composite Fiberglass Grating Manual, ACMA, latest edition

C. The publications listed below (latest revision applicable) form a part of this specification to the extent referenced herein. The publications are referred to within the text by the designation only.


ASTM D-635-Standard Test Method for Rate of Burning and/or Extent and Time of Burning of Plastics in a Horizontal Position

ASTM D-495-High Voltage, Low-Current, Dry Arc Resistance of Solid Electrical Insulation

ASTM D-696-Coefficient of Linear Thermal Expansion for Plastics

ASTM E-84-Surface Burning Characteristics of Building Materials



A. This section includes shop fabricated fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) pultruded fiberglass gratings and treads where noted on the drawings.


A. The CONTRACTOR shall furnish, fabricate (where necessary), and install all fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) items, with all appurtenances, accessories and incidentals necessary to produce a complete, operable and serviceable installation as shown on the Contract Drawings and as specified herein, and in accordance with the requirements of the Contract Documents.


A. The CONTRACTOR shall furnish shop drawings of all fabricated systems and accessories in accordance with the provisions of this Section.

B. The CONTRACTOR shall furnish manufacturer's shop drawings clearly showing material sizes, types, styles, part or catalog numbers, complete details for the fabrication and erection of components including, but not limited to, location, lengths, type and sizes of fasteners, ledge angles, embedded angles, member sizes, and connection details. 

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C. The CONTRACTOR shall submit the manufacturer’s published literature including structural properties and design data, fiberglass grating load/deflection tables, corrosion resistance tables, certificates of compliance, test reports as applicable, concrete anchor systems and their allowable load tables, and design calculations for systems not sized or designed in the contract documents.

D. The CONTRACTOR may be requested to submit sample pieces of each item specified herein for acceptance by the ENGINEER as to quality and color. Sample pieces shall be manufactured by the method to be used in the WORK.

E. The CONTRACTOR shall provide calculations and drawings sealed by a Registered Professional Engineer.


A. All items to be provided under this Section shall be furnished only by manufacturers having experience in the design and manufacture of similar products and systems. If requested, experience shall be demonstrated by a record of at least five (5) previous, separate, similar successful installations in the last five (5) years.

B. Substitution of any component or modification of system shall be allowed when approved by the Architect or Engineer.

C. Fabricator Qualifications: Firm experienced in successfully producing FRP fabrications similar to that indicated for this project, with sufficient production capacity to produce required units without causing delay in the work.

D. In addition to requirements of these specifications, comply with manufacturer’s instructions and recommendations for work.


A. The design criteria of the FRP products including connections shall be in accordance with governing building codes and generally accepted standards in the FRP industry.

B. Fiberglass Gratings: Design live loads of the FRP gratings for walkway applications shall be 65 psf uniformly distributed load (or as required by the governing building code) with a maximum deflection of 3/8” or L/120 at the center of a simple span OR a concentrated load of 250 pounds with a maximum deflection of ¼” at the center of a simple span.

C. Stair Treads: Stair treads shall be designed for a uniform live load of 100 psf on the simple span of the tread OR a 300 pound line load at the center of the tread, whichever produces the greater stress.


A. All gratings and components shall be shop fabricated, piece match marked to assembly or erection drawings.

B. Delivery of Materials: Manufactured materials shall be delivered in original, unbroken pallets, packages, containers, or bundles bearing the label of the manufacturer. Adhesives, resins and their catalysts and hardeners shall be crated or boxed separately and noted as such to facilitate their movement to a dry indoor storage facility. 

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C. Storage of Products: All materials shall be carefully handled to prevent them from abrasion, cracking, chipping, twisting, other deformations, and other types of damage. Store items in an enclosed area and free from contact with soil and water. Store adhesives, resins and their catalysts and hardeners in dry indoor storage facilities between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit (21 to 29 degrees Celsius) until they are required.

Part 2 – Products


A. Pultruded fiberglass gratings shall be AmeriSpan

Above as manufactured by: Canadian Composite Structures, Inc..
1191 Center Point Dr.
Henderson, NV 89074
(702) 567-0303
(702) 567-0323 FAX


A. All FRP items under this Section shall be composed of fiberglass reinforcements and resins in qualities, quantities, properties, arrangements and dimensions as necessary to meet the design requirements and dimensions as specified in the Contract Documents.

B. Fiberglass reinforcement shall be a combination of continuous roving, continuous strand mats and/or surfacing veils in sufficient quantities as needed by the application and/or physical properties required.

C. Resin shall {VINYL ESTER or POLYESTER - choose one} for all systems. Fiberglass gratings used in chemical storage or containment areas shall only be MOLDED which shall be vinyl ester resin system, with chemical formulations as necessary to provide the corrosion resistance, strength and other physical properties as required.

D. All finished surfaces of FRP items and fabrications shall be smooth, resin rich, free of voids and without dry spots, cracks, crazes or unreinforced areas. All glass fibers shall be well covered with resin to protect against their exposure due to wear or weathering.

E. All FRP fiberglass gratings and systems shall have a tested flame spread rating of 25 or less when tested in accordance with the ASTM E 84 Tunnel Test. Fiberglass gratings shall also have a tested burn time of less than 30 seconds and an extent of burn rate of less than or equal to 10 millimeters per ASTM D635. Manufacturer may be required to provide certification of ASTM E84 test on fiberglass grating panels from an independent testing laboratory.

F. All fiberglass grating clips and hardware shall be manufactured of Type 316SS.

G. After fabrication, all cut ends, holes and abrasions of FRP grating shall be sealed with a resin comparable to the fiberglass grating panel. 

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A. Manufacture: Fiberglass grating shall be AmeriSpan™. Fiberglass grating components shall be high strength and high stiffness pultruded elements having a maximum of 70% and a minimum of 60% glass content (by weight) of continuous roving and continuous strand mat fiberglass reinforcements. The finished surface of the product shall be provided with a surfacing veil to provide a resin rich surface which improves corrosion resistance and resistance to ultraviolet degradation. Bearing bars shall be interlocked and epoxied in place with a two piece cross rod system to provide both a mechanical and chemical lock.

B. Non slip surfacing: Fiberglass grating shall be provided with a quartz grit bonded to the top surface of the finished grating product.

C. Fire rating: Fiberglass grating shall be fire retardant with a tested flame spread rating of 15 or less when tested in accordance with ASTM E 84. Manufacturer may be required to provide certification of ASTM E84 test on fiberglass grating panels from an independent testing laboratory. Test data shall be from full scale testing of actual production fiberglass grating, of the same type and material supplied on the project.

D. Resin system: The resin system used in the manufacture of the fiberglass grating shall be {ISOFR or VEFR – choose one}. Manufacturer may be required to submit corrosion data from tests performed on actual fiberglass grating products in standard chemical environments.

E. Color: Gray or Yellow {choose one}.

F. Depth: 1-1/2" deep “I” shaped load bars with a tolerance of plus or minus 1/32". The width of the top and bottom of the “I” shape shall be 0.60”.

G. Mesh Configuration: 1 1/2" load bar spacing, 6" tie bar spacing on centers. Fiberglass grating shall be AmeriSpan, PI-1560.

H. Substitutions: Other products of equal strength, stiffness, corrosion resistance and overall quality may be submitted with the proper supporting data to the engineer for approval.


A. Stair treads shall be AmeriSpan™. Stair treads shall be fabricated from above fiberglass grating.

B. Non slip surfacing: Stair treads shall be manufactured with a grit surface for slip resistance. For additional safety, and to meet OSHA requirements, stair treads shall be manufactured with a 1 1/2" wide nosing of contrasting color. Nosing shall be gritted with an angular quartz grit.



A. Measurements - FRP grating systems supplied shall meet the dimensional requirements and tolerances as shown or specified. The Contractor shall provide and/or verify measurements in field for work fabricated to fit field conditions as required by manufacturer to complete the work. When field dimensions are not required, contractor shall determine correct size and locations of required holes or cutouts from field dimensions before grating fabrication. 

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B. Sealing - All shop fabricated cuts, drilled holes, etc. shall be coated with resin to provide maximum corrosion resistance. All field fabricated cuts, drilled holes, etc. shall be coated similarly by the contractor in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions.

C. Hardware - Type 316 stainless steel hold-down clips shall be provided and spaced at a maximum of four feet apart with a minimum of four per piece of fiberglass grating, or as recommended by the manufacturer.

D. Fiberglass Grating Layout - Each fiberglass grating section shall be readily removable, except where indicated on drawings. Manufacturer to provide openings and holes where located on the contract drawings. Fiberglass grating openings which fit around protrusions (pipes, cables, machinery, etc.) shall be discontinuous at approximately the centerline of opening so each section of grating is readily removable. Fiberglass gratings shall be fabricated free from warps, twists, or other defects which affect appearance and serviceability.


A. Shop inspection is authorized as required by the Owner and shall be at Owner's expense. The fabricator shall give ample notice to Contractor prior to the beginning of any fabrication work so that inspection may be provided.

B. The fiberglass grating shall be as free, as commercially possible, from visual defects such as foreign inclusions, delaminations, blisters, resin burns, air bubbles and pits. The surface shall have a smooth finish (except for grit top surfaces).


A. Contractor shall install FRP fiberglass gratings in accordance with manufacturer’s assembly drawings.

B. Lock fiberglass grating panels securely in place with hold-down fasteners as specified herein.

C. Field cut and drill fiberglass reinforced plastic products with carbide or diamond tipped bits and blades. Seal cut or drilled surfaces in accordance with manufacturer's instructions. Follow manufacturer's instructions when cutting or drilling fiberglass products or using resin products; provide adequate ventilation.