Molded & Pultruded Fiberglass Grating Clips

Canadian Composite Structures supplies a number of different types of 316SS clips to attach its various molded and pultrudedfiberglass gratings to supporting members. Although the clips are illustrated here with AGL’s molded fiberglass grating products, similar clips are often available for our pultruded fiberglass grating as well. Contact Canadian Composite Structures for more information.


M Clips

M clips or saddle clips clamp 2 fiberglass grating load bars to the support. This provides excellent holding capability and because of this, are recommended for stair treads and most molded and pultruded fiberglass gratings.

G Clips

When drilling the support member has to be avoided, G clips offer the solution. The lower jaw of the clip grips the support flange when the bolt is torqued. A heavier top clip then completes the assembly to carry the loads. Providing excellent bidirectional holding capability for molded square meshfiberglass grating.

C Clips

C clips were specifically designed to tie two panels of moldedfiberglass gratings together to minimize differential defections when their joints fall between supports. C clips are also used infiberglass grating leg systems for panel abutments. Lower nut is welded to clip so installation is from top side offiberglass grating floor.

L Clips

This lighter duty clip should be specified to hold one load bar to the support for lighter duty loads. It is available for molded and pultrudedfiberglass gratings.

PAW Clips

For the ultimate in holding capacity of square mesh moldedfiberglass grating, the exclusive Canadian Composite Structures PAW clip should be specified. These clips clamp 4 load bars to the support, offering excellent bidirectional resistance to loads from seismic or other lateral forces.

W Clips

This 1 ½” diameter fastener is used for holding down plates and coveredfiberglass gratings. The W clip’s recessed center allows the fastener to sit flush with this ADA compliant (< ¼” high) hold down clip.

T Clips

T clips offer the solution for below-surface attachment to pultruded fiberglass gratings. When used these FRP clips should be specified in pairs as shown.

CSSM Clips – Plan A

Developed by Canadian Composite Structures, the CSSM system is ideal for applications where vibration is a potential. We have improved on the G clip by replacing the jaw teeth – which can damage steel coatings – with a hard durometer neoprene pad. Tightening the clip builds in a “spring” which eliminates loosening.